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  • 1 h
  • Rs=1150
  • Navi Mumbai

Service Description

SWEDISH MASSAGE: Drift into tranquility with the classic strokes of Swedish massage, designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and leave you feeling UTTERLY REFRESHED. ✨ LIGHT MASSAGE: GENTLE and SOOTHING, our light massage is perfect for those seeking a delicate touch to ease stress and promote a sense of CALM. ✨ THAI MASSAGE: Embark on a journey of flexibility and energy flow with the ANCIENT ART of Thai massage, which combines STRETCHES and ACUPRESSURE to harmonize your body and mind. ✨ HEAD MASSAGE: Let go of the day's worries as tension MELTS AWAY under the expert touch of our head massage, leaving you with a CLEAR MIND and RENEWED SPIRIT. ✨ FOOT MASSAGE: Treat your feet to a BLISSFUL ESCAPE as we alleviate discomfort and fatigue, leaving you walking on CLOUDS and READY to take on the world. ✨ SPORTS STRETCHING: Enhance your ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE and prevent injury with SPECIALIZED sports stretching that targets key muscle groups, improving FLEXIBILITY and RANGE OF MOTION. ✨ SPINE STRETCHING: Nurture your spine with GENTLE STRETCHES that promote spinal health, relieving STIFFNESS and encouraging BETTER POSTURE. ✨ SPECIAL SIGNATURE MASSAGE: Immerse yourself in the ULTIMATE RELAXATION experience with our EXCLUSIVE signature massage, a fusion of techniques that cater to your INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCES.

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